10 DAYS TANZANIA WILDEBEEST CALVING SAFARI & ZANZIBAR | Tanzania Safari Tarangire, Serengeti, Manyara & Zanzibar


When you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport, your guide will greet you and drive you via Arusha to Tarangire Simba Lodge where you will spend the night in 2 double rooms and have dinner.

There is a good probability that you will see elephants congregating in vast herds around the Tarangire river in this park, which is frequently referred to as the “home of elephants.” Leopards, lions, giraffes, and even tree-climbing pathos are among the other species that can be seen.


  • Meet and Greet Services, Transfer, accommodation. all meals


After breakfast in the morning, check out and head to Tarangire National Park for a full day of wildlife viewing.
One of my favourite parks on the Northern Circuit is Tarangire National Park. It is conveniently situated 118 kilometres from Arusha and is a sanctuary for various wildlife. At 2,850 square kilometres, the park is enormous and ranks as the sixth-largest in the nation. One of the best places in the world to view several elephants coexisting in their natural habitats is definitely Tarangire. Like other creatures, they are aware that no matter how dry the season is, they can always find water in Tarangire. The elephants are able to burrow through the sand to locate water even if the Tarangire River is completely dry.

If you’re interested in birds, Tarangire won’t let you down. It is an ornithologist’s heaven with close to 550 species. The world’s biggest concentration of breeding birds is allegedly found in marshes.

The park is essentially a baobab garden in terms of vegetation. In addition to providing food and water, these enormous, ancient trees are a valuable resource for creatures like elephants.

Due to its size, you should truly take your time and explore the park’s various parts. The Silale Swamps are one of my favourite sites in Tarangire. This secluded wetland, which is located in the park’s southern region, is an utterly intriguing spot to visit.
About 70 square kilometres of the wetland are covered, and it functions like a sponge. Here, water is stored during the rainy season, and during the dry season, the marsh gradually releases water into the Tarangire River. The swamp provides an extraordinarily lovely backdrop to the dry area surrounding it because it is green for the bulk of the year. You must visit during the dry season to fully enjoy this location.

Hundreds of elephants visit the Silale Swamps to graze on the rich grass, but other animals as well come here. At Silale Swamps, a variety of animals of various sizes and forms can be seen, including cats! It is a fantastic location to watch both leopards and the well-known Tarangire tree-climbing lions. Whenever you hear someone claim to have seen an African wild dog, it’s generally in this region. To further the list, the Silale Swamps are renowned for being a wonderful location to witness enormous African Rock Pythons.

Drive back to Tarangire Simba Lodge in the late afternoon for dinner and overnight


  • Game drives, 4×4 Safari vehicle, accommodation, meals, entry fees


Your guide will pick you up after an early breakfast and transport you to Kuro airfield, so you can catch your flight to Ndutu. The great migration will pass through Ndutu, which is located between the south-eastern Serengeti and the north-western Ngorongoro, from late December to late April. Due to the minerals present, the grass in this small region of grassland is very nutrient-rich, and it is here that wildebeest give birth in February. The park’s greatest location to watch hunting cats is one of the few areas where off-road game drives are allowed (lions and cheetahs). Hyenas, warthogs, elephants, giraffes, and many more creatures can be found there. You’ll continue your game drive until it gets late, at which point you’ll head to Tanzania Bush Camps Ndutu for dinner and the night.


  • 4×4 Safari vehicle-Transfer, accommodation, meals, entry fees, Game drives, and domestic flights.


Game drives in the morning and late afternoon in the Ndutu region explore the huge migration while seeking for lions and cheetahs on the prowl. Because there is an abundance of food now, there are numerous big cats in this area during this time, many of which have cubs. During the calving season, the region is renowned for its photographs. As a result, you will relish this chance and the day.
In the late afternoon, you depart Ndutu and travel to the Seronera region of the central Serengeti, one of the park’s richest wildlife habitats and home to the Seronera River, which supplies this region with an important water source and draws wildlife that is generally representative of the Serengeti’s species. A full day of game viewing is planned for you. Drive in the evening to Tanzania Bush Camps for dinner and accommodation


  • Game drives, 4×4 Safari vehicle, accommodation, meals, entry fees


After that, spend the entire day exploring the enormous Serengeti plains. MORNING HOT AIR BALLOON FLIGHT. You’ll get up early to do a morning game drive. You might see animals grazing in the lovely dawn light, and predators might still be out hunting before going to sleep for the day. There are numerous incredible photo chances at sunrise on the Serengeti, which is a truly lovely time of day. You can either bring a lunch that you can eat at one of the many picnic areas in the Serengeti, or you can go back to your lodging for a hot lunch. You will continue your game drive after lunch. When twilight falls, keep an eye out for lions.
When the temperature is not too hot, cheetah can also be seen on the plains in the early morning and late afternoon. They use speed and daylight to capture their prey. While crocodiles can be spotted lounging on the riverbanks, hippo pods can be observed in the larger pools and rivers. You’ll get back to camp in time to sip a sundowner before dinner. Nightly meals are served at Tanzania Bush Camps Seronera.


  • Game drives, 4×4 Safari vehicle, accommodation, meals, entry fees, hot air balloon flight


In order to get to Seronera Airstrip in time for your flight to Manyara, check out of the lodge. After being picked up, you will be driven to African Galleria to shop. You travel to Ngorongoro Coffee Lodge later on for dinner and accommodation.


  • Air Flight, 4×4 Safari vehicle, accommodation, meals, and entry fees


Drive to the Ngorongoro Crater at 6:00 a.m. from the accommodation. After completing the registration process, you descend nearly 600 metres into the crater to take a half-day safari tour to see the wildlife. The Ngorongoro National Park provides year-round water and food for a wide range of species, including herds of wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, eland, warthog, and enormous African elephants. The abundance of predators in this magnificent national park, which includes lions, hyenas, jackals, cheetahs, and the ever-elusive leopard, which might sometimes require a trained eye to identify, is another major attraction. One of the prominent features of the crater is the vast but shallow alkaline lake known as Lake Magadi, which we will visit.
Hippos, flamingos, and other water birds are frequently spotted here. Early in the afternoon, you climb the rim before making your way to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Arusha for your journey to Zanzibar. Transfer to Fruit and Spice Wellness Resort after arrival for an overnight stay that includes dinner and breakfast.


  • Transfer, flight, accommodation, dinner and breakfast


At the Fruit and Spice Wellness Resort, the day is leisure time. A different kind of vacation is available at the five-star Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort in Zanzibar. A vacation that combined the wild nature available only in Africa with modern comforts. All the flavors and aromas of the Dark Continent are available.


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Transfer to the airport so that you may board a plane from Kilimanjaro International Airport and afterwards return home.


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  • Flight to your home not included*

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