The Tarangire River, which never dries up, runs through Tarangire National Park. Since it is the only water source in the park from July to October, when it is dry, hundreds of animals congregate there, making for amazing wildlife and bird watching opportunities. With lush Savannah, wetlands, hills, and magnificent baobabs, the terrain is diverse.

  • Beautiful scenery; large open areas, dotted with hills and marshes
  • Tarangire River flows all year, attracting game to its banks
  • Top general wildlife viewing in the Dry season
  • Incredible concentration of elephants in the Dry season
  • Excellent birding with many dry-country specials
  • Stunning scenery with many baobab trees
  • Excellent mid-range and luxury lodges
  • Prolific wildlife, especially July to October
  • Tree-climbing lions
  • Incredible baobabs
  • Large elephant population with herds of up to 300
  • Rock paintings
  • Easy three-hour drive from Arusha
  • Number of great places to stay in the park