Serengeti: Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot air balloon over the Serengeti, Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Serengeti National Park on a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon flight. At dawn, rise as the sun greets the day and float in whichever direction the winds of the morning take you. Your pilot can precisely control the altitude of your balloon: sometimes flying at treetop height, sometimes lower, offering a unique perspective and great photographic opportunities of the wildlife below. At other times you will ascend high into the sky to see the vast magnificence and spectacular panorama of the Serengeti. At intervals the pilot will put more heat into the balloon with the powerful whisper burners. In between these burns, there is a tranquil silence apart from the natural sounds below.

  • Visit Parks with fees included
  • Provided lunch keeps you energized for exploring the park
  • Convenient pickup and drop-off at Arusha hotels or the airport.


Serengeti: Hot Air Balloon Flight

The Serengeti is one of the most iconic destinations in Africa, famous for its vast grassy plains, teeming wildlife, and incredible natural beauty. One of the best ways to experience the Serengeti is from the air, and a hot air balloon flight is the perfect way to do so. Hot air balloon flights in the Serengeti typically take place early in the morning, before sunrise. Passengers gather at a designated launch site, where they can watch as the balloon is inflated and prepared for flight. Once the balloon is ready, passengers climb aboard the basket, which is usually divided into compartments to ensure everyone has a good view.

As the balloon rises into the air, passengers can enjoy breathtaking views of the Serengeti landscape stretching out below them. From above, the vast grasslands, rocky outcrops, and winding rivers take on a whole new dimension, and passengers can see for miles in every direction.

As the balloon drifts over the Serengeti, passengers can also spot some wildlife for which the area is famous. From herds of wildebeest and zebras to giraffes, elephants, and even predators like lions and cheetahs, the Serengeti is home to an incredible array of animals that can be seen from the air.

Most hot air balloon flights over the Serengeti last for around an hour, and end with a gentle landing back on solid ground. Many operators also offer a champagne breakfast or brunch as part of the experience, providing the perfect end to an unforgettable morning in one of the world’s most spectacular destinations.

Safari Highlights

Itinerary for a hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti:

4:00am – Pick-up from your Serengeti lodge or camp and transfer to the launch site

5:00am – Arrival at the launch site and hot beverages served while the balloon is inflated

5:30am – Board the balloon and take off into the air, guided by an experienced pilot

6:30am – Land back on solid ground and enjoy a traditional champagne breakfast or brunch in the bush

8:30am – Return transfer to your lodge or camp, arriving by around 9:30am

Please note that the exact timings may vary depending on the operator and weather conditions on the day. Some operators may also offer longer or shorter flights, or combine a hot air balloon flight with other activities such as game drives or walking safaris. It’s always a good idea to check with your chosen operator for their specific itinerary and any additional details or requirements.



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  1. My journey with to Tanzania and Zanzibar was an immersion into a world of culture and natural marvels. The carefully planned itinerary allowed us to explore the diverse landscapes of Tanzania, from the Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater, and then unwind on Zanzibar’s stunning beaches. The local guides shared their deep knowledge of the regions, adding depth to the experience. The accommodations were charming, reflecting the local aesthetic, and the chance to interact with local communities was a heartwarming touch. An enriching trip overall!

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